Members, Officers, Directors & Committees

The Members of the Mount Carmel Lions Club

Laura Alderson

Denise Balliet

Nevin Balliet

Dave Berezovske

Tony Candelora

Jeff Costello

Ashley D'Andrea

Albert Green


Kathleen Hoffman

Patricia Holmes

Harry Hudick, Jr.

Hugh Jones, Esq.

J. Kevin Jones

Jeff Kanezo

John Kondisko

Kerri Kondisko








Tom Kondisko

Deno Langis

Bob Lapinski

Ted Matlow

Joe McDonnell

Mike Magennis

Kevin Moncavage

Greg Pulaski






Ray Rothermel

Mike Shannon

Mary Snyder

Kenn Splitt

Dennis Stone

Frank Zaleski

Sheila Zanella

Henry Zuech


How to Become a Member

Are you looking for a local organization with a focus on serving its community? Why not consider the Mount Carmel Lions Club? We are always looking for new members who are interested in joining the world's largest service organization.

For membership in the Mount Carmel Lions Club or any Lions Club around the world, simply ask a Lions member for more details. Then attend a meeting with a sponsor, and see for yourself the good fellowship and good service a Lions Club can offer you. Or contact our Membership Chairman, Mike Magennis, at

Please download our membership application here:

Lions Club Membership Application

While our primary purpose is to fulfill the Lions International motto of "We Serve", we also have several club events each year in addition to our meetings and projects. These include our summer meetings & picnics at the Lions' Whiteman's Dam Nature Preserve, our annual outing at Knoebels Amusement Resort, spouses nights and our annual Christmas party.


Officers and Directors   Committees
President Nevin Balliet Membership Mike Magennis
1st Vice President Ashley D'Andrea   Publicity Jeff Kanezo & Kevin Jones 
2nd Vice President Denise Balliet   Spaghetti Dinner Tony Candelora
3rd Vice President Patricia Holmes   Holiday Meals John Kondisko, Kevin Jones, Jeff Kanezo, Kerri Kondisko & Tom Kondisko
2 Year Director David Berezovske   Baseball Team Kathleen Hoffman
2 Year Director Joseph McDonnell   Blind Aid Deno Langis & Ashley D'Andrea
1 Year Director J. Kevin Jones   Special Events Kevin Jones & Jeff Kanezo
1 Year Director Jeff Kanezo   Track Banquet Kevin Jones & Ashley D'Andrea
Recording Secretary Kerri Kondisko   Mike Terry Awards Bob Lapinski
Treasurer Kathleen Hoffman   Webmaster Jeff Kanezo
Tail Twister Harry Hudick, Jr.      
Lion Tamer Mike Shannon      
Immediate Past President Sheila Zanella      

Lion President Nevin Balliet